Our Fees

Initial New Patient Consultation by our Physician: $265 Cash or Check ($273 if Credit or Debit)

Follow-up Office Visits by Physician:  $149 Cash or Check ($153 if Credit or Debit)

Transfers: same rates as above apply   (for patients already under the care of a Compassionate Use Certified Doctor and wish to transfer to our Tallahassee MEDCAN office–bring records from previous physician)

MEDCAN Doctors Office accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover Credit or Debit cards, and Standard Price of $273 New, and $153 Followup visit applies. Fees are discounted for Cash, check or money order and are $265 New, and $149 Followup visit.

Telemedicine cannot be used to intitiate a physician-patient relationship or be used for a prescribing/recommendation visit due to the controlled substance classification of Medical Marijuana.


Our doctors are board-certified medical physicians who have fulfilled the requirements set forth by the State of Florida, registered with the Office of Medical Marijuana, (previously the Office of Compassionate Use) and are certified to recommend the use of Medical Marijuana for eligible patients as described in detail in Florida Statutes SB-8a, passed June 23, 2017.

Why are fees not discounted or insurance accepted?

Our fee is modest in consideration of the work involved to see our patients and file the eventual medical cannabis/marijuana prescription recommendation with the State of Florida OCU/MM site. Three page consent forms, page-long checklists, patient information sent to the Board of Medicine every visit, recommendations placed into computer registries, literally masses of paperwork—all so our patients can access medicines to help them feel better. Also, there is a higher risk for our office due to the discrepancy of Florida State law with the U.S. Federal Law, which allows us to practice and to serve our patients. There are very few doctors that can add this level of paperwork and attention to patients within their standard practice.

MEDCAN Clinic accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, cash and money orders. For most patients we will also accept a personal check.