MEDCAN Compassionate Offenders Program (MCOP)

The MEDCAN Compassionate Offenders Program helps free non-violent cannabis offenders and reunite them with their children and spouses. Many persons arrested for minor infarctions such as cannabis possession, are not able to make bail, because they do not have the financial resources to do so. Thus, they would remain incarcerated until trial which could take months, and during this time people could lose their jobs, their homes and their families. Thus, in these tragic cases, a seeminly minor offense sends the offender to an 18th Century debtors’ prison.

MEDCAN will provide minor bail amounts up to $100 per person on a case-by-case basis. Priority is given to offenders with a spouse, and/or young children. Offenders must be cannabis possession related, and have a non-violent record. THE MCOP PROGRAM DOES NOT ASSIST DRUNK DRIVERS OR ANYONE DETAINED FOR DUI.

The MEDCAN Compassionate Offenders Program supports Law Enforcement, and seeks to help non-violent people hold onto their lives instead of losing them. This will make our county and our state a better place to live for all.

As more of the country and the world realizes that cannabis is medicine and most states already have eliminated criminal penalties for minor cannabis possession, we at MEDCAN believe that our MEDCAN COP program will allow Law Enforcement to focus their energies on reducing and preventing violent crime in our communities.

MEDCAN will prioritize Leon County residents although will consider adjacent North Florida Counties. MEDCAN’s goal is to make our MEDCAN COPs program available in 67 counties statewide by 2018.

If you or your family member would like to inquire about the MEDCAN Compassionate Offenders Program, please contact us at our office line at 850.222.2222 or email us at:

Please note, MEDCAN wants to help you, however this is not an emergency service and calls are usually returned within one-business day.