About Dr.Moore

“I do not smoke, use or grow plant, but I believe that Medical Cannabis is good medicine for the right patients and those in need have a right to medicines that will alleviate suffering and help them live better lives.”–Mark Moore, MD  Tallahassee Florida

Dr.Mark Moore has been a board-certified Florida physician for over 20 years.  His background is Anesthesiology and Pain Management. When his brother died of cancer in 2009, there was no law to allow medical marijuana for him. Dr.Moore decided that when Florida law passed, he would help patients with cancer and other medical problems obtain medical marijuana and the care they need to feel better.

Dr.Moore was the first physician in the State of Florida to open a medical office dedicated to the certification of patients for medical cannabis.  He was also one of the first 10 active recommending physicians in the State of Florida, and one of the first 100 physicians to successfully compete the exam to certify to prescribe/recommend medical marijuana for patients under state law.

To learn more go to: www.drmarkmoore.com